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A mysterious invitation to meet up at an abandoned toy factory across town.

A map hidden within an old arcade game revealing a real-world labyrinth of underground passageways.

An ancient lair buried below a long-forgotten subway station.

Toby’s grandfather has always said, “A child’s imagination is the greatest superpower of all.” This is the reason that for over one hundred generations, select groups of kids have secretly helped protect the world. Now, on the first day of summer vacation, eleven-year-old Toby and four of his unsuspecting schoolmates are about to become The Young Defenders of our time.

Toby, Jessie, Griffin, Chen, and Aamira will discover that strange and wonderful secrets lie hidden all around to help them on their mission. But for any hope of success against Alchemist Supreme, the fiercest supervillain of all time, they must not only develop their superpowers but also realize the strengths that each has always had inside themselves.

“Gripping, funny, and so cinematic . . . pure imagination, and I am here for it.”

-Karen Craigo (Award-Winning Author and Poet Laureat)

Every child has an inner superhero.

Ben is about to discover his.

In a fun, colorful, and light-hearted way, Super Ben! makes kids feel better about facing the need for surgery (as well as standard doctor visits). In fact, it makes them feel like superheroes!

Super Ben! not only serves to comfort its young readers, it actually helps deserving children from all around the world receive life-changing medical procedures.

100% of the author’s royalties from the sale of this book will be donated to The Benjamin Harry Peikin Foundation, a non-profit that partners with world-renowned doctors to provide pediatric airway surgery for children in need.

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Nobody around here knows where he’s originally from, but he came to sell roses on the streets of Venice, Italy. The Rose Peddler works as if more than his own life depends on it. And it does.

The Rose Peddler of Venice is a picture book co-written with Melissa Peikin and beautifully illustrated by Shishi Nguyen.

It’s the summer of ’87 in Puerto Rico and best friends Sal and Marcos are on their way to living the heavy metal music dream with their band Skeleton Key. But when Marcos discovers he’s in need of an unaffordable surgery in order to keep singing, they set out to find the legendary lost pirate treasure of Captain Roberto Confresí, known as the Robin Hood of Puerto Rico.

Summer ’87 is a middle-grade novel about lost pirate treasure, found friendship, and heavy metal music.

50% of author profits for the sale of Summer ‘87 will go to The Benjamin Harry Peikin Foundation.

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By Dan Peikin